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$20 Challenge up to $36 -- after first week

March 31st, 2007 at 09:00 pm

I was trying to think of what my $20 challenge goal should be. What other goals do you guys have?

I just started mine one week ago so I have quite a bit of time. I save extensively in my retirement accounts already so squeezing what I can into my challenge fund is quite a trick I believe.

That said, I'd like to "find/create" about $60 a month as a minimum to add to the fund. To me that'd be pretty amazing.
That said I guess my one-year goal will be -- a somewhat nonimpressive -- $750. But hey, that's just a baseline. If I can crack $1000 that would be great. I updated my site today too. It's all about the $20 challenge. It's at http://20challenge.blogspot.com. Please comment if you come by. Thank you!

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